my full tilt goals and achivements.

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      i m going to post updates and some hands to this tread and also update my roll.I lost unfortunately my first bankroll in full tilt then made deposite to pokerstars and i m +600$ in there now.started with i got 50 dollars in full tilt and im starting to build up bankroll(i bought new pc with money i earned in stars)
      first i thought i ll but 10$ in and loose it.since i havent played any poker about 1 month i missed it and wanted to gamble.i managed to get 50$ and now im sticking to bankroll management like i did in there i ve made my money with heads up,tourneys and full ring no limit 2.I m going to do same in tilt.for example i played 105k hands in nl2 @pokerstars with 4.29bb/100 .but also bonuses gave me a lot of rakeback since i payed 103$ not very high but i played 24 tables always.In tilt is 16 max and i m trying to get better bb/100 in here.I m not sure yet am i geting rakeback or not.i joined with pokerstrategy and got my first capital to full tilt in here.

      i ve already started a bit with heads up super turbo 2$ buy in and if i got more time i ll be playing full ring nl2.bankroll not enough big to play tourneys yet.i got a bit different bankroll management for tourneys(more nitty)

      so far made 1 dollar profit with those heads ups but played like 7 games only.
      //edit played like 15 games more after eating and now my bankroll is 61$
      i had many lowskilled enemys also.

      now some goals what i m trying to get soon
      *stick to bankroll management
      *unlock elephant tracker
      *do not make withdrawal before 1500$
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