First Deposit and Rank

    • AngryJack7
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      Hi fellows!
      I've made account here,on Pokerstrategy and deposited some money on my FullTiltPoker account yesterday....registered with referal code(PSVIP) and put my nick from FTPoker to this site...wondering why I dont have any points yet and why I didnt rank up to bronze already,tho..whats about starting capital?

      Thanks for your answers!

      Kind regards,
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    • wowadvisor
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      you become bronze when you pass the quiz. When you pass the quiz your starting capital will be on its way!

      but you said you deposited so i think the system is now screwed up!

      but i guess you just get a first deposit bonus and not the free 150$ so as soon as the poker room ( full tilt ) sends the latest updated list of poker strategy member points then to poker strategy then you become bronze ! :)

      not sure, maybe make a support ticket