i have a problem with starting capital !!

    • phamhai1994
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      last night, i passed the Quiz of pokerstrategy but i only saw the text : You passed the Quiz. My relatives who received 50$ capital said that when they had passed the Quiz, they had seen one text at the right of home page: you passed the Quiz, and they had seen the diffirent text at the center of home page: your account is being verified. Moveover, their email had had a message :
      "Your account is being verified" which is behind the message "You passed the poker quiz! Where do you want your money?".But , in my acc, i only see the text : you pass the Quiz, and at the center of home page i see "New" and Current Balance at the left of home page. I also don't received the message : "Your account is being verified" in my email. I only receive a ticket from Pokerstategy : ""Your account is being verified". And today is second day, i haven't been received a reply from secue or staff of pokerstrategy. If they want to check my ACC, they will send a message to my email :( . My relatives said that they had been received a email which ask them send their images to check very early. Althought Pokerstrategy don't ask me to check my account , they don't give me 50$ capital.What happened ? T_T :(
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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi phamhai1994,

      After passing the quiz, you should see a list of poker rooms. Please select one poker room from this list and follow the instructions to set up your poker account. Once you have entered your poker account ID as well as all personal data, your account will be queued for verification. Our team will look into it asap. The process of verifying your account can take up to 96 hours and if we need any further documents/ info., you will be contacted via email.