Calling 3bets with small/medium pp

    • ZeMammuth
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      Hello guys, I have a question, do you guys think it is the correct to call with small/medium pocket pairs when you get 3 betted in hopes of hitting a set and wiping that person out?

      Since there is around a 12 percent chance of flopping your set, is it worth calling it to felt that person?

      When someone has a 1 or 2, rage for 3bets u can be pretty sure they have aa-or kk so if they get overpair u are almost positive to felt them.

      PS, I think the play is -ev personally however it must be rather tight.
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    • gadget51
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      I think it was hasenbraten who said you actually eed about 15:1. You'll be 7.5:1 to hit, yes, but then you have to factor in set over set; him missingand not paying you off on a bad board etc etc. So prob -ev HU.