I recently saw Pzhon's excellent video about opening up the shoving range in the SB during late stages of SNGs. I encountered an example of why this is a good strategy during an SNG I played. Actually, my opponent did the exact opposite of what Pzhon was saying and he ended up losing.

It was a nine person bounty SNG. It was down to me and him. I hadn't knocked anyone out and he had over 10,000 in chips and I had less than 1,000. It did not take me long to figure out that he was mega tight. The blinds were 300/150 by the time it was me and him. This should have been easy peezy for him but he only bet when he had top pair. Everything else was folded or checked. He could have easily shoved with just about anything and he would have beat me. But as soon as I figured out how ultra tight he was I opened up and exploited him. I had 1 tenth his chips and I was the aggressor at the table. After a few minutes I had more chips than him and then I guess he got frustrated and made mistakes that cost him the game.

If he would have been even a little bit more loose and taken just a few more risks, things would have been different because then I would not know if he had something or not. But by playing super tight he basically played with his cards face up. By not taking ANY risks he sunk himself.

Excellent video Pzhon!