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I Have A Leak...

    • Greedyfly
      Joined: 26.04.2010 Posts: 213
      Which I can't identify.

      In addition I am not sure how to go about actually making any cash advances.

      I can sit at 2 x NL2 tables for hours, not pick up a single hand, and when I do either not get paid off or someone has the nuts.

      So instead I try multitabling...Seems the problem is the same. I make a bit, I lose a bit more.

      Somehow I managed to fluke (I guess it's fluke) my way up to $70 but have seen that dwindle down to 30 in two weeks. BUT I can't improve. I am using the staring hands chart, I have posted hands in the past but more often than not I am simple taking bad beats. I can't fathom the issue and I am getting frustrated and broke...

      Is there anyone out there willing to watch a session and tell me what it is that is causing this yo-yo effect?
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    • Wurble
      Joined: 04.04.2009 Posts: 457
      Are you following the SHC exactly? This would create a lot of variance at NL2 because although you will have an edge, alot of the time it will be a small percentage post flop and as most of the players are unable to fold you will find yourself showing down a marginal hand or having to fold the turn\river quite often.

      The most profitable nl2 grinders are super nitty and quite passive.... Just because there is a correct way to maximise value from weaker players doesn't mean you have to do it at this limit. For sure you can make a bigger profit long term by being a bit looser but the best way to beat nl2 quickly is to nit it up baby.
    • Wurble
      Joined: 04.04.2009 Posts: 457
      Thought I would throw some examples in to make the point...

      You open raise the button with T9s, you are called by one of the blinds with Q2o.... You have a 48.9% chance of winning this hand and fishy probably won't fold. This means that long term you will lose playing this way... against players who can fold when you represent some strength of course it's a different story but at nl2 it's pointless.

      You open raise the button again, this time you have QJo and are called by K6o... You only have a 43.8% chance of winning this hand and again fishy probably won't fold to a c-bet.

      I could go on for hours with different examples - against players who are unable to fold you need to play tight and maximise value from your strong hands.