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Getting Started & how to use a coaching

    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      This guide is designed to help you visit and optimally use a coaching. It starts off with a short video guide on how to use the coaching player and how to find the tables, and finishes with a list of the most important aspects of visiting a coaching.

      How to optimally benefit from a coaching:

      [IMG][/img] Be attentive and think for yourself!

      To fully understand concepts of poker you need to think about the plays. Ask yourself several questions:

      1. Why did the coach do what he actually did?
      2. What could have been the range of Villain?
      3. How would you have played Villains hand optimally?

      [IMG][/img] Ask questions!

      If you have any question - ask the coach! Don't feel embarrassed if you ask beginner questions. We all started as beginners and asked the same questions. Only if you ask you will get answers that will help improve your game.

      The big difference between coachings and videos is that in a coaching the users can actively interact with the coach and ask questions. Use this opportunity! If you simply watch a coaching without interacting or asking questions you are missing out.

      [IMG][/img] Be critical!

      Don't always take what a coach says for granted. If he makes a move you don't understand, speak about it in the channel. That way you might not only find potential leaks, but can also start an interesting discussion which everyone will benefit from.

      Constantly evaluate the plays of the coach and think about why he makes the moves he does. Discussions in a coaching create a learning atmosphere that is beneficial for all listeners. Who knows, perhaps you will even find an error that a coach has made. After all, they are simply humans and also make mistakes from time to time.

      [IMG][/img] Be concentrated!

      If you listen to a coaching don't do anything that might distract you from the coaching, such as playing yourself, watching TV and the like. To gain the most from our coachings you need to concentrate.

      [IMG][/img] The aftermath

      Post in the coaching thread in THIS forum to discuss hands and ask questions. Our coaches will be there to answer your questions.
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