[Coaching] Fixed-Limit Shorthanded [Advanced] with TerrorBlade

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      Dear PokerStrategists,

      welcome to the coachingthread for the [coaching name] Basic / Silver / Gold /
      Platinum coaching by [coach].

      Coaching Info:

      • Name: [coaching name]
      • Coach: Bierbaer
      • Time: Wednesdays 20:00-21:00 GMT
      • Status: Basic / Silver / Gold /

      What will you learn in this coaching?

      [filled by coach]

      Upcoming Topics

      Your feedback is wanted!

      We want to know how you like the coaching and how we can improve. Please share your feedback in this thread!

      About me:
      [filled by coach]

      Hope to see you in the coachings :) .

      Best regards,

      Dear PokerStrategists,

      To improve the quality of my coaching I need your support. Leave your feedback, your questions and your suggestions here!

      About me:

      I'm a full time professional and play Fixed limit Shorthanded from 3/6->T/20$. I've been coaching and making videos for 2 years.

      General information about my coaching

      • Name of coaching: FL SH Silver
      • Poker Room: PartyPoker
      • Status: Silver
      • Time: 10pm-11:30pm every Tuesday

      Who's this coaching for and what do we do?

      This coaching is aimed at someone playing the low stakes shorthanded FLHE games, and will be especially helpful to those who are struggling with the loosening up transition from 10-max games which for many is the highest hurdle to jump for many players.

      User participation is encouraged...nay, it's MANDATORY!!!!!! With everything in life, you get out what you put in so if you bring tough hands for me to evaluate, and question the thinking behind my actions when I play hands in the coaching, then you'll improve a lot faster than someone who just sits silently listening to what I say.

      Feel free to bring in prepared questions or sample hands for me to evaluate or just watch the hands that come up in the coaching. Note that I much prefer evaluating user played hands or discussing questions rather than the hands that I play during the coaching, as these tend to address more relevant thinking processes to you guys.

      If you're still playing full ring and think this might be too advanced for you, check out my Full Ring Bronze coaching!

      See you in my coachings, TerrorBlade.
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