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Im a fair donk but im trying to build up an bankroll

    • starclutter
      Joined: 19.07.2010 Posts: 7
      As the subject suggests i am a fair donk. I will tell you a little bit about myself and what i want to do.
      As i start this blog i have around 200US in my account.
      I am studying psychology at uni.
      Im 24 and been playing poker for 3 years.
      I am an ex poker dealer in the best Australian casino.

      Ok there is a little bit about myself.
      The reason i think i am a donkey is because i make alot of calls that i should not be making when i have alot of chips deep in a tourney or sit n go. for example i have AJ off and i have 22k in chips. blinds are 500/1k. An all in for 8.5k and i call, knowing damn well that we are just out of the money and they have AK... and they do 90% of the time.

      Ok so my goal is to get my bankroll up to 1kUSD then up to 5kUSD. i would like any advice as i go on how i played my hand or what i did wrong :)
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    • starclutter
      Joined: 19.07.2010 Posts: 7
      ok so i started the day with 200US
      played rush poker 50c/$1
      i know i am play high money for my bankroll but i tend to play too many hands on lower limits because i think o well its less than a dollar to call, i need a way to change my thinking on this and some suggestions would be nice :)
      anyway i finished my session with 217.52US
      i had worked my way nicely up 390 and then lost 2 big hands. :f_eek:
      First the winning hands :P
      i won a big hand with AA against AK
      i raised pre flop and got reraised.
      the flop came KQ7 2 dimonds
      i bet the pot and 2 dollars more
      he raised
      i called
      next card 6 of dimonds
      i check he goes all in
      at this stage i have the ace of dimonds and find it strange that he would raise then jamm on the flush so i call
      of course he has AK and i win the pot

      the hands that i lost
      I had AQ of hearts and call a raise i am big blind
      the flop comes 910A with 2 dimonds
      i bet the around 10 dollars since the pot was about 8
      he calls
      next card a jack of clubs giving the board 2 clubs and 2 dimonds
      he bets 18 and i call
      the next card is a 2, a dead card in my eyes
      i bet 18 again he jamms for 57 and the pot was 67
      i tank and tank and end up calling to see he has 78
      what can i do here to avoid this??
      as soon as i had the big losses i left the table to avoid tilting and gettin into situations where i would loose more money.
      but my biggest worry is how to avoid this big pots that i tend to loose, and i know there is going to be massive variance in my bankroll because im playing such high limit but i still want to avoid the big pots, winning them is good but loosing them is a killer at this point