Here you will find the most important tools for playing online poker in addition to exclusive tools such as the ICM Trainer and the Elephant:

[IMG][/img] Elephant
The Elephant is a mighty analysis tool. It imports and analyses your played hands. Additionally, it displays stats of the players sitting at your tables, which makes it easier for you to read and react to their actions accordingly.

[IMG][/img] ICM Trainer Light
Study and practice for the most decisive phase of any Sit and Go Tournament, using's free ICM Trainer Light.

[IMG][/img] The ICM Trainer
Mastering the ICM Model is the key to becoming a winning tournament player. The free ICM Trainer by is the ideal tool to improve your game.

[IMG][/img] The Equilator
Calculate the probability of winning and the equity of your hands and analyse in-game situations using the free Equilator software from

You will find all software and further information on this page: [IMG][/img] The PokerStrategy Software Area

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