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full house against flush

    • ofir1110
      Joined: 03.07.2010 Posts: 4

      I want to dicuss with you about a hand that I lost:

      my poket cards:

      K :heart: Q :heart:

      I am in the BU, one opponent limped to the pot in the UTG1, the SB fold and the BB checks

      the flop:

      3 :diamond: 3 :heart: 4 :heart:

      UTG1 bets 0.4$(pot size:0.7$) I call' the BB fold

      the turn:

      K :diamond:

      I bet 0.10$, UTG1 re-raise to 0.20$, I re-raise to 0.40$ UTG1 re-raise to 0.70$ I call

      pot size: 1.45$

      the river:

      10 :heart:

      UTG1 bets All-in (0.62$) I call

      UTG1 poket cards:

      3 :club: 4 :club:

      what am I did wrong?

      thanks a lot
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    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      A few things you'd have to mention: your stack size, UTG stacksize, UTG playing style, your image at the table.

      I would raise in the BU to isolate the limper. On this flop he is likely to check. It's good for a cbet as you have a FD. On the turn I just think donking 10c into >$1 pot is a waste of time. You don't get information, you don't get value and he is not folding a better hand. When he 4 bets you are beat so just fold. He is giving you odds to call for a FD but that's why it's important to know stack sizes. And considering the board is paired and you only have KQh you might be drawing dead to a full house or to some great reverse implied against Axh.
    • ofir1110
      Joined: 03.07.2010 Posts: 4
      thank you very much. You helped me a lot