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Multi-tabling question

    • IdleJacks
      Joined: 07.07.2010 Posts: 24
      I've read on here, as well as other poker forums, that a lot of people like to multi-table. Based on this I have a question regarding the profitability of multi-tabling..

      Here is an extract from an article on BR management:

      profit is not only calculated with winnings per table, but per hour as well. Let's assume that you can win 5 big blinds per hour on one table, and 3 big blinds per hour (per table) on two tables. In the latter case, your hourly profit is higher, at 6 big blinds per hour.

      So if a person was playing on tables were the BB was $1 that would equate to:

      1 table = $5 p/h
      2 tables = $6 p/h

      My questions about multi-tabling is as follows:

      Supposing the player is using the BSS, the buy in max is £100 and he has a BR of $1000 (hypothetical figures) our hero would need to spend $200 on the buy ins.

      If the person moved up to a BB limit of $2 and his win rate was 4BB p/h that would mean he would win $8 p/h on one table; allowing the player to concentrate more on the game and possibly get his hourly win rate back up to 5 BB p/h and $10 p/h.

      Is it not better to play at a higher stake, on one table, rather than play more tables with reduced concentration?
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    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Unless you are playing mass multi-tables (10+) there is no need to stray from the normal BRM plan.

      I played 16 tables (The max) when I had enough in my BR @ NL5 and now I'm at NL10 although I started the limit playing four tables, I now play 10.

      If you are only playing one table, then there is no point playing online poker as you would be more likely to make more money in live play, due to how soft the games are.