• EsarcWinterz
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      There are extremely too many fish in the party poker SnG micro limits...
      I just lost 5 BIs and was called with hands like K8os and A5 of suit while I have hands like KK or AA and still come out on the ass end of the board. I also had my AA beat in the most important late phase of my MTT adventure twice in a row.. Is there any remedy besides the psycological training? I'm a poker-strategist and I believe my game isn't bad , but I have the tendency to get busted with bad beats pretty often.. I also pay close attention to betting amounts, raising amounts, etc... Does anyone with advance skill-level have a word of advice for my concern?
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    • Lizocain
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      I was in over 20 MTT's, and lost just after or before I got ITM with AA KK QQ AK, only these hands, always dominated my opponent, never had him more then 3outs ever, and always lost, maybe I said 20 MTT, but I'm pretty sure I played much more then 20..rather 30-40...once again, ALWAYS dominated and ALWAYS lost..thats why I'm not a MTT / SNG just way to sick and tired of playing 4-5hours to bust with the best hand, leaving 10$ profit after wasting half day..