Am I the only one who dislikes PT3's HUD??

    • blackops888
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      Hi people. I've been using Holdem Manager for a while and now I'm trying Poker Tracker 3. In the overall, I'd rather stay with PT3 for many reasons, but there is no point in discussing this here.

      The only bad thing I found on PT3 was the HUD. When I play 6-max at Party Poker, with the table windows titled in the dimensions that best fit my display, the HUD overlaps the betting buttons in such a way, that many of them cannot even be clicked when there is a player on the bottom right seat of the table. I was looking for some kind of option to change the HUD's positioning, but wasn't successful in finding it.

      Is there a way to do that? If I manage to change the HUD position, I think I'll stick with PT3. :s_cool:
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