full tilt question help please

    • pogodon
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      ok people me again looking for help
      i want my rush hour poker badge i played alot of it now
      i was wondering can i find out how many points ive obtained by rush hour poker

      also i have 10 $ in pokerstradegy account what can i do wit h this

      feedback much appreciated
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    • sabo999
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      #1 You need to earn 50FTP's playing Rush to get the badge (i think)

      #2 If your referring to the TAF $$ then it is released once u have an overall total of $50

      Sabo :club:
    • HannesZ
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      Thank you sabo999 for your answer.

      You receive the Rush Poker Badge by earning 50 Full Tilt Points in a single month by playing Rush Poker. As far as I know you can not see how many points you accumulated already.

      You will receive your tell-a-friend money when you have more than $50 in your PokerStrategy.com account. See also:
      Invite Friends: Payout

      Best regards,
    • mcnabbmiha
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      I have another question.

      When I signed in in FullTilt yesterday a pop-up opened and there wrote something like: If you get 10 FullTilt bonus points on Rush Poker until Sunday you will get 5$ in 4 hours after achiving that.
      I think I went over 10 points but I still didn´t get the money. Did I understand the inscription wrong or what?

      Thank you for your help, bye
    • Jono222
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      you can check you ftp point on the cashier page.

      you can't how many you have acumilated though rush only but as a total

      if you go on cashier click bouns account it may tell you in there