Live win 250 euros

    • Blade90
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      Well, nothing too special i guess, but last night I played a live tourney in a local poker room for 15 euros and took it down. It was my 3rd live tourney so far and in one of the first two I also took down second place. My brother was playing and he finished 3rd for about 100 and 4 got payed. I enjoyed it so much playing live every time and even though I almost never play live i prefer it for sure. I mean as far as the money goes I dont live in any of the rich european countries and 250 euros is like an average monthly paycheck to be honest, so that feels good also as I am a student at the uni and dont have too much money. Anyway, just wanted to let u guys know I did well and thats all. See u at the tables :s_biggrin:
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