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Suckouts; on, or near the bubble.

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Being in the middle of another downswing, I decided to write down every hand I was in and which went to showdown, most of them ALL IN, because:

      1 - I was playing Super Turbos at Full Tult.
      2 - When not playing a Super Turbo, most of the hands that went to showdown were in the late stages of MTT's. Few exceptions involved any sort of post-flop play.

      Although I was almost hoping to see, that most clashes are won by the worst hand, the results showed nothing of the sort. The best hands won the majority of the time, I sucked out roughly as many times, as the villains gave me bad beats.

      One thing I concluded, however, that the bad beats I got courtesy to some less capable players out there (and oh, there so many of them), happened at times, when it mattered the most. i.e, it is one thing to get sucked out early on in the tournament, sucked out by a small stack which does not affect you much, sucked out when you made in fact a poor play, and deserve to lose anyway, OR, when you are on the bubble, or getting to the chiplead (basically giving a guarantee to win), and get sucked out then by completely idiotic hands and even worse players. And I am not talking about being sucked out on the bubble, when the villain had all the pot odds to call you with any two cards, I am talking about hands like A5o rivering a flush or a trips vs AK or AA.

      Has anybody else experienced this, and how do you deal with it?
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    • shutty20
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 14

      I play some super turbos on Full Tilt and they can be extremely frustrating!
      Example, I was in one of those 54 ppl $2.50 tourneys and got KK so i min raised knowing some donk would shove. Someone did, showed KJ. I thought "get on!"..... But no, he made a straight...
      To be honest i deal badly with there types of things, but think in long run you will win. I came second twice in the 54 $2.50 which kinda calms me down knowing i can do well in them.