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PLO - ready for some swings [2c/5c]

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    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      1) Limp or Raise preflop?
      Betsizing and betting ok?
      I'm bet/folding the river, trying to get value from twopairs and lower sets.

      terbbi (UTG): $8.44
      HERO (UTG+1): $5
      bahij0s (CO): $7.93
      SmOeN (Button): $2.97
      MyMarshell (SB): $4.72
      ive1dollarleft (BB): $5.35

      Dealt to HERO K:diamond: Q:spade: K:heart: 9:club:

      terbbi calls $.05, HERO calls $.05, (3 folds), ive1dollarleft checks

      Flop: ($.17) K:club: J:heart: 5:heart: (3 Players)
      ive1dollarleft checks, terbbi checks, HERO bets $.14, (1 folds), terbbi calls $.14

      Turn: ($.45) 6:diamond: (2 Players)
      terbbi checks, HERO bets $.36, terbbi calls $.36

      River: ($1.17) 8:diamond: (2 Players)
      terbbi checks, HERO bets $.85, (1 folds), HERO returns $.85

      2) Good open from UTG?
      Standard cbet i guess?
      Checkbehind my draw, i see no foldequity vs better hands.
      Alright to look him up with A high given the odds?

      MareKhun (SB): $5.33
      ive1dollarleft (UTG): $5.27
      DammiN (BB): $6.02
      HERO (UTG+1): $5.69
      bokicar (CO): $2.87
      Givemeasigh (Button): $3.16

      Dealt to HERO T:club: A:spade: K:club: 6:spade:

      HERO raises to $.17, (3 folds), DammiN calls $.12

      Flop: ($.36) 5:club: J:spade: 5:diamond: (3 Players)
      DammiN checks, HERO bets $.22, DammiN calls $.22

      Turn: ($.80) 3:spade: (3 Players)
      DammiN checks, HERO checks

      River: ($.80) T:heart: (3 Players)
      DammiN bets $.05, HERO calls $.05

      3) Flop call ok with one guy behind me left to act? His betsizing is weak, i assume he has one of the many possible draws. No str8/flush possible on the flop, I call with the probably best hand and a backdoor.
      If i get heat on the turn, i will fold?
      Checkbehind the turn to not get c/r off my draw is fine i guess? My hand is still not that good?
      Betsizing on the river ok?

      MareKhun (SB): $5.10
      ive1dollarleft (UTG): $5.27
      DammiN (BB): $5.41
      HERO (UTG+1): $5.03
      bokicar (CO): $4
      Givemeasigh (Button): $3.33

      Dealt to HERO A:diamond: A:spade: 5:heart: 5:spade:

      HERO raises to $.22, bokicar calls $.17, (1 folds), MareKhun calls $.20, (1 folds)

      Flop: ($.66) Q:heart: 6:spade: 3:heart: (4 Players)
      MareKhun bets $.35, HERO calls $.35, bokicar calls $.35

      Turn: ($1.71) T:spade: (4 Players)
      MareKhun checks, HERO checks, bokicar checks

      River: ($1.71) K:spade: (4 Players)
      MareKhun checks, HERO bets $1.35, (2 folds), HERO returns $1.35

      4) Standard open?
      Standard cbet? What do I do if i get c/r?
      I get the money in by the river anyways, but should I shove the turn (with another one behind me) in case someone has a draw, that might bust on the river? Are people loose enough to call a turnreraise with a flushdraw on a paired board?

      HERO (UTG+1): $5
      ive1dollarleft (CO): $5
      rivsoft (Button): $5
      Datsun100A (SB): $9.67
      silberlin (BB): $5.19
      stwhite (UTG): $4.51

      Dealt to HERO J:diamond: 9:heart: 7:diamond: T:spade:

      stwhite calls $.05, HERO raises to $.22, Datsun100A calls $.20, (1 folds), stwhite calls $.17

      Flop: ($.71) J:heart: 5:diamond: T:heart: (5 Players)
      Datsun100A checks, stwhite checks, HERO bets $.45, Datsun100A calls $.45, stwhite calls $.45

      Turn: ($2.06) T:diamond: (5 Players)
      Datsun100A checks, stwhite bets $2.06, HERO calls $2.06, (1 folds)

      River: ($6.18) 8:spade: (4 Players)
      stwhite bets $1.78 and is all-in, HERO calls $1.78

      5) Calling this hand preflop fine?

      EnglishGent1 (UTG): $5
      HERO (UTG+1): $5.28
      buaja (CO): $4.71
      Peggy19 (Button): $6.15
      silberlin (SB): $6.72
      tequila12 (BB): $2.86

      Dealt to HERO A:diamond: T:diamond: T:club: 9:heart:

      EnglishGent1 raises to $.17, HERO calls $.17, (3 folds), tequila12 calls $.12

      Flop: ($.53) 4:heart: 6:club: 8:heart: (3 Players)
      tequila12 checks, EnglishGent1 bets $.45, (2 folds), EnglishGent1 returns $.45
    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      Hello, GL swinging :f_biggrin:

      My thoughts:

      1) Raise it, for value.

      Bet big all streets, ppl are so bad they dont mind the bet sizing, they will blindly call with their draws no matter what the bet size is.

      2) Standard raise.

      You have two pair, not A high on river, OK to look him up IF you take notes on people.

      3) I would raise or fold this flop, you will get into alot of tricky spots playing a family pot between two villains with just an overpair/backdoor FD. Even thou his bet almost always screams FD, calling is kinda bad cuz you dont know where you are for sure PLUS you give the odds for 3rd guy to call. Raise or fold is my advice.

      4) Standard open, standard c-bet, I wouldn't mind sticking it in if someone raises, stats dependant.

      Turn call is fine, gives the opportunity for the drawing-dead guy to call too.

      5) Fine call preflop, you have relative position.

      Just reminding you that those are my thoughts about how hands could be played, I'm not a coach/judge and in fact a losing PLO player over the last 3 crazy weeks. :f_cool:

    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      Hi Jackalof, thx for the analysis! GL on the tables, downswings do end :)
    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      First highlight:
      [x] got it in for 100bbs with 90% Equity in PLO

      I knew he was loose and reraised frequently but I thought I was slightly ahead vs his range, never thought he'd shove a naked non-nut flushdraw+overpair against a flop 3bet.
    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      Seems like the tables turned 180° this morning. Lots of 3betting/shoving trash A335 with the 5 high single suited for 100bb etc. Also people moved me off my best hand in multiway action, with no backup, where I could not do anything against it.

      Watch them stick it in 4way with 88T4ss and KK77ss on 653r in a squeezed pot, leaving my jaw drop :D (would have had 65% if I made this crazy c/c)
      I also would have cbetted all-in on lots of flops but this one was too connected and if someone flopped the nutrstraight, I'd be drawing dead.

      Here I made a stupid mistake, well knowing he called his 4/8 outer and hit.
      If he made a stupid play with a set + gutshot I'm way ahead, but only 9 outs if I'm behind :(
    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      Still grinding. Some hands
      He probably had a wrap or made a good bluff

      AA77ss preflop allin vs weaker AA, first time AA vs AA

      Trips with backup, FH on the turn

      Good wrap ip, unlucky rvr but I played well imo

      relatively easy valuebet on the turn and quite thin bet on the river (for value)
      decided to pot it, make it look polarised (KKxx 6x)
      my line check, check/raise, bet made him look me up with A hi and the pair of 6 on the board after using all his timebank

      polarised donkbetting range in 4bet pot, i have position and don't want him to make 2pair. also he will have a hard time if he doesn't think i'll fold AAxx.
    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,678
      edit: I played lots of PLO the last days and realized that I shouldn't play this game anymore. There are a few points:
      - 120 hands an hour at NLHE vs 50-70 hands an hour at PLO.
      - Rake is >5ptbb/100, when people get better it gets really bad ~NL50 and I don't want to spend alot of time there.
      - If you play well and don't try to push small edges PLO is the game for you. I think if you can resist playing small edges at a table with 3+ maniacs you can make a ton of money, but if you adapt shit can get ugly and I'm not made for that (swinging 10 stacks up and down at 1 table in 1 hour, also edges start to disappear when it goes allin every connected/suited broadway hand vs 5568ss and see you're flipping for 200bb).

      I played >3,5k hands, which took me almost 3 full days of 4-6 tabling. I'm up 5 stacks and running at 8ptbb/100 on average which is good. I could continue playing, but the time isn't worth it (yet).
      I would improve and I'm sure there is alot more to win and learn in PLO, but the 3 points rake, hands/h, maniacs make it a tough game to play. There is no fun in it for me and it's exhausting to play 5-6 hours a day and come out with less than 1k hands.

      I might come back to this game if NLHE dries up completely, but for now I don't like it.

      As a side note: On 3,5k hands I payed exactly 35.00$ rake. This is 1$ rake/100h or 10ptbb/100h. With rakeback you still pay 7.3ptbb/100h.
      If anyone tries to begin learning PLO, my #1 advice is to build your roll with SNGs or sth else and begin at PLO100+RB/deal, get some coaching.