[NL20-NL50] NL50FR: AJo vs agr plr

    • funktor
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      OK, convertor not working for this site...

      We are on BU with AJo and have 1 limper and aggressive plr (Gar*) isolates limper for $3. He play most of the hands and raises 34% / 3bet 26%.

      What woudl be best line? Call in position and see what flop brings?
      I did not have enough reads and did not expect that he might shove here.

      Are we calling here or folding? Would call in position be more advisable, even though AJ is far superrior to his raising/isolating range?


      Stats: Name, hands
      VPIP / PFR / ATS / 3bet
      AF / Flop Cont bet % / Fold BB to Steal / WTSD
      Fold to 3bet / fold flop to Cbet / fold Turn to Cbet

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    • N0pr3s3n7
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      As you say if you think you are far from his isolating range/raising range than here you are ahead most of the times although it's super ugly because:

      AJ vs AK,AQ,AJ,88+ = 36% vs 64%

      That being said if you think his range for shoving is this you shouldn't be calling this but if you had AK/TT+ i'd snapp it.I'd also add that I think his range for doing this is this in my view althogh sometimes such LAG's shove super weak hands like JT/QT/KQ etc. which you clearly have dominated/ahead of.
    • Kaitz20
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      it depends a lot of the meta game between he and you
      If you´re not willing to play there for stacks with AJ, then call might be even better pf and then either call him down or make some moves on different boards
      Once you 3-bet to 10, which imo is a little too much. I think 8$ also makes the job, I´d rather call shove than fold, since his range should also a lot broadway hands and small pp-s