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    • tzushY
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      Hey! What do you think about micro stakes (10NL) at I personally think that are not enough tables and not enough tournaments. However, i find very cool the Daily Challenges. I can`t wait to get to a final table at Sunday Challenge but for now i don`t have bankroll for that. So i opened this tread to hear some general opinions from 888 players about Ring, Sit&Go and MTT. Oh, i almost forgot to say that sit&go`s are very bad in my opinion.

      Nice flops!
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    • HannesZ
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      Hello tzushY,

      I do not play on 888poker but I just had a look and on NL10 SH there are plenty of tables. Now there are already 11 tables open and peak time is in 10 hours. Sure, if you play Full Ring the traffic is quite low.

      Why do you think SNGs are bad?

      Good luck on 888poker,
    • hAnN18Al
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      I just start playing ring games on 888Poker. I'm a PokerStars fan, so is hard to compare this 2 sies :f_biggrin: , but ...

      I don't know how the situation is to other limits, but micro limits tables aren't sufficient.

      As far as I saw, they have a bad offer regarding SnG's. Not so many, with medium buy-in's and ... with no players :f_grin: