• mortalvombat
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      I finally purchased HEM and decided to start using HUD while I play.
      These are the stats I am displaying:
      Name - color coded according to BB left
      Hands - color coded according to nr of hands
      Agg Factor
      Fold vs Steal
      Flop CB
      Fold to Flop CB

      Should I add something/leave something out? Any reccomendations how to color code other stats?

      How should I filter hands?
      These are the current settings I am using:

      What changes should be done here?

      + Any opinions on Shakscope HUD? Could be of any use?
      I know it's defenately banned on Pokerstars but guess not so on other sites.

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    • pzhon
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      It's great that you are taking setting up a HUD seriously. Using a good HUD can help to improve your ROI, or it can help you to play more tables at the same time.

      I don't think you need the flop cbet statistic unless you flat a lot of raises. If, like most serious SNG players, you generally see the flop when your preflop raise is called by someone else, then you may want to have a stat for betting into the preflop raiser. Some players get way out of line, betting over 90% of the time into the preflop raiser, and then you know their range is very weak so they are vulnerable to raises or floats.

      I suggest that you include steal percentages by position. The total steal percentage lumps together CO, BTN, and SB steals, but players may treat the SB quite differently from the CO or BTN. In addition, you can extrapolate from these stats to guess whether the player is positionally aware or not. Someone who raises much more often from the BTN than CO is probably tighter in EP than a player stealing about the same amount from the BTN and CO.

      I think you may want to widen your filters. There is a tradeoff between statistical noise and systematic noise. If you use a very narrow filter, then you won't have much data so the statistical noise will drown out the signal. I think you should include 3-handed data when you are heads-up, and 4-handed data when you are 3-handed, even if this taints the data a bit.
    • chenny8888
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      I think it's reasonably important to have a separate filter for 4handed play to the other table sizes. However at that stage there isn't going to be too much postflop anyways, and people's ranges will often depend on other factors other than simply their position and how many big blinds they have.

      I find stats most useful for the mid stages. This is because in the early stages we are going to be playing extremely tight anyway (largely weighted towards value-type hands), and in the late stages, as mentioned, pushes will depend less and less on any stats you can get from a HUD.
    • Chenghao
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      i just bought PT3 and am configuring my HUD when i play tourney

      VPIP/ PFR/PreF AF/ ATS

      i think someone who has high attempt to steal is positionally aware and hence is the sorta of person whom you want to re-steal from in mid stages , some one who has lower ATS , usually isn't stealing

      comparing 2 tight players

      VP:14/PR:10/ATS : 35
      VP:14/PR:10/ATS : 12 ,
      you can reraise the 1st guy as his probably opening up his middle stage while the 2nd guy , plans to be tight throughout probably .

      so my 1st line would include VPIP/PFR/AF/ATS

      thinking about how the concept of early game is generally tight , late game probably push or fold according to ICM , probably HUD will feel in the mid game mini game of steal and resteal.

      The stats available to a PT3 user with the word steal in it includes (and my thoughts)

      ATS & fold(high value indicate 2 things , he does steal , and will fold to resteals giving credit)
      ATS : BTN
      ATS : CO
      ATS : SB ( these 3 stats show probably when he starts to steal , but i think it must be used with the VP/PFR/AF or the blinds and button . For example in one session , a Regular's ATS on CO is low as button like to see flops , on another table , the regular's ATS on the CO is high as the button is nitty. Given this understanding , when the regular is raising when HIS ATS : CO is low , he probably has really good cards and is trying to get value while if the regular is raising when HIS ATS : CO is high , his probably in an attempt to steal !)
      BB Faced Steal ( i got no idea how to use this)
      BB fold to SB( a high value of this probably indicates that BB might not be aware of BvB wars and that SB probably opens up his range )
      BB steal Def W SD (dun steal a guy who's stats is high in this)
      BB steal Def W w/o SD ( i got no idea how to use this)
      BB steal Def WTSD (i got no idea how to use this)
      BB v SB steal - call ( eagerly defends his BB)
      BB v SB steal - fold ( doesn't defend his BB)
      BB v SB steal - raise. (high this indicates he resteals)
      Call BB to steal
      Fold BB to SB steal
      Fold BB to steal
      Fold SB to steal
      Fold steal to Blind reraise
      Raise SB steal Att
      Raise vs steal att
      SB face steal
      SB steal Def w SD
      SB steal Def w/o SD
      SB steal Def WTSD
      Steal success
      Steal W SD
      Steal W w/o SD
      Steal WTSD

      My question is , which of these stats should i pick and choose ?
      My objective is to guide my mid game in identifying a few things :

      Who are easy/hard targets to steal from?
      Who resteals often ?
      Who are oblivious to steals ? (auto pilot MTT , fish/whales)
    • santostr
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      Coaches, do you use SharkScope?
      Is it helpfull?
    • pzhon
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      Originally posted by santostr
      Coaches, do you use SharkScope?
      Is it helpfull?
      I don't use the Sharkscope HUD. I occasionally look up players in Sharkscope after the tournament. I think it can be a useful tool, both for checking other people, and for looking at your own stats.

      In addition to looking up specific players, you may also want to look at the Sharkscope leader boards. These give an indication of what is possible at each level, and which sites have players who are making a lot. However, if a player blocks himself from Sharkscope searches, then he is removed from the leader boards as well.
    • p3rocro
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      Originally posted by santostr
      Coaches, do you use SharkScope?
      Is it helpfull?
      Sharkscope is a very helpfull for sng tournaments, its helps to see who is losing at the table and who is winning. When i see a wining player who have a big volume than i play with more caution.
    • viewer88
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      The two most important stats are VPIP en PFR, I have 'm slightly bigger and use a colour code (like <15<25 and >25 is green-orange-red. It's an easy way to spot the fish and the nits.

      Another really important one is #hands. I assume the the more hands you have on a player the better he is (usualy) and the more reliable your stats are. I colour-code this stat aswell (more then 150 it becomes another colour).

      Other usefull stats are AF, steal % . I have AF and steal% in my HUD.

      You should give flop cbet, fold to flop cbet , WTSD% and c/r on flop a good place in your drop-down info box because you can need those aswell for the close spots, although I rarely use 'm really.
    • 8979687
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      I am no coach or anything but I would like to add that if you are careful, stats can really
      help in the early game too. I can pick off a really aggro player who is raising all kinds of garbage
      and calling your preflop raise then just reraising you with air often. I would not get into the habbit
      of using such small sample sizes for very much but it does not take long for certain player
      types to reveal themselves for what they are using just vpip pfr and AF. Again you need to be
      careful using this, I tend to keep an eye on how often they are in hands once the stats start
      to show me these things and when they are confirmed for their player type it is payday if you
      get involved with your solid hands against them. Using the hand replayer of the site helps as well.

      If they have doubled up you can see what they doubled up etc etc.