I'm new to this whole poker thing, and this past month I've been doing what all newbies do - learn hand rankings; Odds calculations; trying to put opponents on hands; trying to learn the probability spreadsheets I've downloaded etc...

To help me, I've downloaded the ICM Trainer. I'm not certain as to how the calculations work most of the time, but on random training I'm scoring about 85% accuracy - so I feel pretty happy about my instincts (Hero edge 0%). Now, however, I'm looking to improve.

The crux of my question is: are there poker applications that can teach you how to calculate outs correctly? I think that I'm going for the nuts, but sometimes (with complicated situations) I miscalculate with my hand and my opponents'; which then gives me a biased EV (though I don't know this until afterwards).

So an application that gives you a situation, and asks "how many outs do you have", you answer and it corrects would be incredibly useful for me.

Thanks for reading this!