Good fold?

    • Ectoz
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      I know its not a mega-hyper-super decision but it got me thinking.I was playing NL 6 max,and was SB with 87s,with 23BB.MP2 makes a 3BB raise (6$) and its folded to me.He had 60BB or so.I was putting him on AQ-KQ ( which eventually turned out to be AQ :) ) so i thought,if i hit and the board stays low,im good (i could have hit flushdraws or OESD).
      The reason why i folded now.I was short stacked,and he had position against me.So i decided,if i dont hit im going to "guess poker".So i fold.
      The funny part.Flop: 7 Q 7.The guy won with AQ.I took it well,because i thought its a good fold on the long term.Was my decision correct?
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