SSS downfalls

    • iamavibe
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      I have been thinking much about strategy and how to implement a strong SSS in my game play, but there are two major issues I just cant get around:

      1.) When you get beat (which does happen) you essencially lose $2 every time (this is because the all in move is such a large factor of the SSS). When this does happen you have to make the SSS work perfectly 5 times just to make a 50c profit.

      2.) In many of the books I have read they focus a lot on the importance of defending your blinds, SSS don't seem to believe in this idea at all, infact at the moment when I play on PP I and I see a SSS player on the big blind I raise them to see if they have anything or if they are willing to give me their cash with no fighting.

      Does anyone else battle with these flaws?
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi iamavibe!

      1.) That calculation is definitely wrong because you don't lose every all-in and don't lose $2 every time you are in the pot. In addition: You are making profit in the long run by playing this strategy. Thousands of players have already successfully implemented it into their game.

      2.) We have a startegy article in our silver strategy area about steals and resteals in the SSS:

      Good luck at the tables!