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[NL2-NL10] Instructional sample hands #11 - Part 1

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    • What is the correct move here and why?

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        push all-in
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      Total: 45 Votes
  • 8 replies
    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      UTG+1 has most of the time big pocketpairs or highcrds with which he made toppair. We need to protect so I raise. I don't know where the threshold is between which we push so if our stack is too small maybe a push is better.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      UTG+1 should have AJ+, TT+. Hard to believe that he has already flush, if he pushes with aces, then it is just bad luck:)
    • LitBe
      Joined: 10.08.2007 Posts: 15
      we have 6 outs (1 Ace is not including,since i think there's will at least one player, that have Ace). So 9, 6, 6, A, A - any of these cards will win. Even if flush come's. I think, that UTG+1 have TT+, may be he have two pairs already (at this limit, it's possible, that he raises with A9, or A6).
      I think raise - it's best answer.
    • gutshotstraightdraw
      Joined: 18.07.2007 Posts: 112
      I think all-in is the best move. Villain will call with a flushdraw anyway and we have a lot of outs to improve if we are behind.
    • Riverman1984
      Joined: 18.07.2007 Posts: 36
      No I think a normal raise should suffice. I don't put him on a flush here. Maybe a flushdraw, but more often he will just have top pair.
    • rubysilesia
      Joined: 03.07.2007 Posts: 351
      I agree with Kaitz20. (AJ+, TT+), a made flush is very unlikely here. I would raise here. Most of the time Im ahead so I want to build pot and not to scare him out.
    • Zozuu
      Joined: 26.08.2007 Posts: 2
      Well, I think you should just call to pretend a draw and to encourage other players to do so too. If no diamonds appears on the turn you can push all in since it is less likly to be called with a draw now. Due to the big flop bet of your first opponent, I think you are currently ahead of him. Directly pushing all in on the river suggests weakness to the original raiser, so he might call with an Ace and some diamonds as bycard what makes this hand to a match of "Lotto". Furthermore he could make a second pair on the turn that would make him call your all in and you are quite safe.

      Greetings zozuu!
    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      More than 60% were correct here:

      a) What is the correct move and why?
      b) What kind of hand range does UTG+1 have?

      a) we raise because we have to protect our hand. The board is very drawheavy and many worse hands could call us here.
      b) Our opponent could easily hold AK, AQ with a flush draw, but also AK, AQ without a flush draw. Most of the time he has an ace, if he makes a continuation bet against 3 opponents. Sometimes even KK with a flushdraw is possible but it is not very likely.

      Good luck at the tables!