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[NL2-NL10] 99 on the button, reraise from BB

    • Dback357
      Joined: 01.07.2010 Posts: 160

      maybe this will seem as an 'ordinary' hand but I've decided to post it regardless. The reason is that after 4 500 hands I'm finding out that in some spots, I'm trying to think analyticly instead of doing everything according to the SHC like a robot =) . In this example, at the end, I did the same thing what was in the SHC but not because of the chart. Please, evaluate if my thoughts were correct or should I play the hand differently next time.

      Pre-flop I couldn't decide what to do- raise 70 cents as I should according to the SHC or go all in directly because a 70 cent raise is rather big with a 2$ stack and with 1 caller I had to shove on the flop. I decided for the ordinary raise, because I thought:
      1. after that I'm still not committed to the pot,
      2. I was thinking about what hands will call me, a tight player after a shove.....the best alternative- AK, maybe AQ (I'd take that flip) or higher pocket pairs (despite the limping of the others) .........I was afraide of the second alternative so a 70 cent raise seemed more +EV to me (this might be incorrect though)
      3. I was in position

      After the re-raise I was a re-raise with 99 is not a good idea, but I have already invested 70 cents. I still didn't think I'm committed, but I was a bit on tilt because of two lost buy ins in a row with AA so I thought...'I'll call, the older starting hand chart said that in similar situations it's mathematically correct to call with everithing we rised with.'.........Then I realised the re-raiser has a PFR of 4.5 (only 86 hands) and I folded. I thought, against his re-raise range I'm a huge underdog (except AK).

      Did I play the hand correctly or should I shove as a first raiser the next time?
      Was the fold the right decision even if I had 70cents in the pot?

      Thank you for the evaluation and best wishes!

      No-Limit Hold'em, $.05/$.10 (HHConverter by Kreatief)
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      MP3 ($2.40)
      CO ($5.00)
      BTN ($2.00) (Hero)
      SB ($2.23)
      BB ($1.65)
      UTG ($14.74)
      UTG+1 ($4.83)
      UTG+2 ($7.41)
      MP1 ($5.63)
      MP2 ($9.56)

      Preflop: Hero is BTN with 9:club: , 9:spade:
      3 folds, MP1 calls $0.10, MP2 calls $0.10, 1 folds, CO checks, Hero raises to $0.70, 1 folds, BB raises All-In $1.65, 4 folds,

      PS. Sorry for the long post.
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    • Tampaloeres81
      Joined: 08.03.2009 Posts: 1,416


      Raising to 70 cents is good. there is 1 poster (limper) + 2 limpers. After that you get raised by the BB. Just continue here with the default range JJ+, AK against tight players.

      If you would be in the SB, the better option is to go AI directly instead of the raise to 70 cents with 3+ limpers because of lack of position ;)

    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      Hey Dback357,

      according to standard strategy this is a nice hand, but it's not quite optimal.

      Preflop raising 7BBs is good although you could just shove instead, because if you get called your stack will be smaller than the pot on the flop and it's much easier to just shove and that way you can't make a mistake.

      As played, after you get raised by Big Blind your pot odds are so good that you should go all-in even though the strategy says otherwise, because you don't need much equity to make it a profitable call. In that way the old articles were better, but because you have to calculate the right ratios and odds it's harder to play according to them.

    • Dback357
      Joined: 01.07.2010 Posts: 160

      thanks for the evaluation. I folded because the guy´s PFR was 4,5, so I supposed his re-raise range could be even narrower.....something like AK + pocket pairs higher than mine. Next time I´ll try to call, but I´m not 100% sure I´ll be able to push the call button agaist a rock´s re-raise with 99. :D (despite the fact that usually I´m a very aggressive player- not just with the SSS).

      Best wishes!