Just a quick post about my experience on switching over to a new poker room. I have had various success with other poker rooms, especially with Full Tilt when i hit a seriuos downswing from poor BRM.

Needing a break and answers to how i can get the discipline to overcome my BRM problem i headed over to Poker Strategy. I got my $50 for William Hill and hot the tables. SnG's and Torunaments have been my strength and after some talk i was told that i should crush these tables on William Hill.

Surprise, surprise...i didnt!!! I didnt know what was was going on. Im fairly strong at these tables on Full Tilt but was always getting outdrawn. My Bankroll went down and down and panic was setting in.

I decided as i always do, play my remaining bankroll on one big buy-in tournament and risk it all!!! My saving grace was the bankroll protection that Poker Strategy implements-i was saved from sure disaster.

I took a break,gathered my thoughts and tried a few smaller tables and then hit the cash tables. 0.05c/0.10c tables. I stay away from them usuaally, not my strength.

But once again, surprise surprise....i found that these micro-stakes are playing up to my strengths on William Hill and im just about our out of my hole and one my way up again.

To all of those having downswing, stay strong, allow for variance, take a break when needed and keep active on the forums.

Thanks Poker Strategy for the awesome training videos and support.