My way in becoming a professional poker player!

    • Tibulca
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      My Blog

      I'm going to write this blog in order to track my poker evolution in time.
      Also, I'm writting it to talk with you about different hands that I played, to analise them and to get feedback and support on my game and performances.

      I'm gonna post here my graphs for each week and month.

      Who am I?

      My name is Tibu and I'm 22 now. I'm really passionate about poker, entrepreneurship and business. I have a nice career in sales and I really enjoy helding trainings about personal development and other softskills.

      Poker History

      I started to play NL Holdem when I was 18 years old, live with some friends in the college dorm. Since then I've played pretty often small stakes live tournaments with friends and I have some little online experiences ( a few weeks ).

      Two weeks ago I've received my 50$ bonus from pokerstrategy and I started playing on

      My plans for now is to play cash and tournaments with 50 participants to build up my bankroll. I want to play at least 90 minutes cash and 90' tournaments daily. Right now I'm playing on four tables and it's pretty chill. I have a bankroll of 58$ today.

      Long term goals
      • win at least 1.000.000 $ from poker
      • win an international poker event
      • win a romanian poker event
      • play 1.000.000 hands online
      • having a library with over 100 books about poker
      • play at WSOP
      • playing cash game at Bellagio in Bobby's Poker Room
      • win a poker hand against the legend, Mr. Doyle Brunson
      • become a black member on poker strategy
      2010 goals  
      • have a bankroll of at least 1000$ in 31.12.2010
      • become a Gold Member on pokerstrategy
      • buy/win license for a poker tracking software
      • play 150.000 hands online
      • buy a book about poker
      I think that I could add a lot more but I think I'm good for now. :s_biggrin: Well, this is it... any comments, sugestions and feedback is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.Thanks in advance! Nice flops and see you at the tables!  
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    • EmanuelC16
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      Hi Tibulca! What cash games are you playing? FR or SH? BSS or other strategy?

      As for MTTs I don't know if they are worth it with your BR in terms of winrate. But if you like playing them go for it!

      Your goals seem pretty standard for anyone starting out! Simply huge! :f_biggrin: Nevertheless, if you don't think big you can't make it big. Just don't let your progress with your goals affect your play and your poker study time. It's rather impossible to set money related short therm goals in poker so the 2010 goals may not work the way you want them, but don't be discouraged if it happens.

      I'll be following your progress! Good luck!

      Manu :diamond:
    • Tibulca
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      Hey Manu,

      I'm currently playing FR and BSS on Party Poker. NL2 for now, planning to move to NL4 next monday if my bankroll alows it.

      Thank you for the advices and the support! What are you playing on a regular basis?
    • EmanuelC16
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      BSS NL5 Rush FR. I started with FTP and looks like a great place to continue because of rakeback and a whole bunch of other promotions. If there's anything I can help you with PM me your Skype (preferably) or your Y!M id.

    • SarahLorne
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      Everyone on this forum seems to think he can become a big poker player. Even if you are the best poker player in the world... poker is about luck. Nevertheless, good luck with your goals.
    • Wriggers
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      Damn, those professionals must be really lucky then.

      Anyway, yeah, some massive goals there but I wish you well with them :) I'm also starting from the bottom playing BSS NL5 on Pokerstars (Previously PartyPoker).
    • armssteady
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      Good luck with your goals :)

      I think a lot of players wish to play against Texas Dolly, only thing is.....

      better get a move-on, he's not getting any younger.
    • EmanuelC16
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      Poker IS about luck but it's also about skill.

      If you think it's just about luck get a bunch of lucky charms and play some experienced player here HU for something like 10k hands. ;)