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      Hey all,

      First a bit of background vie been playing poker for a few months now, and started playing for money about month ago. When my mate put $10 in my full Tilt account, which I nearly lost in the first day playing $1 90 handed sit n goes. Then I realized well this isn’t really working so played 9 handed ones instead. Built my bank roll back up to $14, then I went down to $3. Then I started playing ring games 1c/22c and went up to $20, and then down to $0 I was pretty irritated because I really enjoy playing.

      Then decided I try and learn a bit more how to play I had already read Phil Gordon’s Blue and green Books in the 3 months where I developed my tight aggressive style of play, but I wanted to learn more. it just happens 1 day I was watching 2m2m and there was a add for $50 starting capital so I jumped at it and signed up completed the quiz and got my $50 on PartyPoker.

      I got my $50 on the Friday night and decided I would have the weekend off and start on Monday. Monday came and I started and in the first day I got up to $58 I won every game I played i'm thinking great I could eat fish all day.

      Then it started each day losing $10 a day until it came to today this is where I have to ask the question whets wrong with me. I was playing on 1 table all day today and was going great guns no bad beats nothing I just kept flopping sets and getting paid off, and I was also playing sit n goes I was having my usual bad run when suddenly I cashed in 5 in a row then the next 1 I had Pocket Kings on the button UTG1 min raise to 400 in 100/200 blinds, I don’t muck around cause there was 2 callers so I ship it he calls with K7 of hearts hits his flush on the river. So i’m a little bit tilted. Anyway so I have to leave anyway to go and play a live tournament ive got my balance from $17 back to $25 a good session.

      Now its 10 pm ive just got back home from the live tournament feeling pretty good having grinded my way to the final table. So I jump on start a ring game up and start a sit n go. well guess what its happening again Cant win a sit n go because part poker $1 sit n go’s a so frustrating there’s only turbos so basically if u don’t get a hand and don’t double up u get blinded out. Then there’s the ring game I’m going all right but there’s 1 calling station at my table who will call my every raise I’m raising on the button with AK AQ KQ pocket 8s stuff like that but I don’t hit when I continuation bet he just check raisers it ridicules, so now I finally got a hand pocket jacks on the button I raise to 8c 4 x the BB he calls nothing usual the flop is 1022 mostly harmless good for a continuation bet he check raises me I shove he calls he’s got 23. I’m like wow OMG all these idiots.

      Anyway I just don’t know what to do this was going to be my 2nd best day until the night session now back to $17, I don’t know what to do.

      (Sorry for any poor grammar and spelling)
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      I have had too many dowswings myself. What that basically means is, that I find it difficult to play against idiots, and there are a lot of those. People who know what they are doing are easier to play against, as they can be predicted. Yes, the will outplay you from time to time, but you need a good run of cards to win over idiots, and need to hit on the flop. As far as maniacs go, then it is just pure luck. In a long term you may beat them with better hands, but in the short run, it is all about luck, if your AK holds up against a Q6, or any other random hand.

      What I have done, is as follows:

      1 - I do not play any cash games. None. Never. Ever. I'd rather stick my eyeballs out, than play in a cash game.
      2 - I have done fairly well in satellite tournaments, where the finishers all get an entry, and a few get a so called consolidation prize. That means, I do not have to play as many hands and am less likely to get kicked out by some idiot.
      3 - Abuse the bubble and do not be afraid to get kicked out. If you can put your opponents all in, then by all means to so. It is of course useful to have some reads before doing do, but the best players might even fold hands like AK and TT. The idiots on the other hand could call with any two face cards, or even lesser hands, and you could be ahead, even if it was just a re-steal. And be you behind, or not, you can still win the hand, if it is called, in which case you are off to win the whole tournament, or have at least a huge lead. :)
      4 - Try some 1 dollar SNG's (normal speed, Stars has them). 18 man seems to do the trick for me. The maniacs will kick each other out, in a matter of minutes, and if they are not going all in every hand, then the whole table limps in, giving a good reason to play suited connectors or small pairs. The second (final) table then consists of either lucky persons with a slightly smaller brain capacity, and tight players, or only tight ones. And from then on you can play real poker. :) And remember, tight players can usually be abused. I mean tight, not necessarily good players, as they would know what you are doing.
      5 - And also, I play in live casinos. Whereas Online poker can be swingy, I have made quite a profit from live games. There tend to be less idiots there. At least in Estonia, that is.

      Sorry for a long post. :P
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      [quote]Originally posted by Styr
      People who know what they are doing are easier to play against, as they can be predicted.

      That is very untrue :)
      On micro limits most of people just wanna have fun. Theres lots of multiway pots and showdowns but all of that action usually comes after the flop and, in fact, the game is a pretty predictable.
      Theres only few rules for micro limits: don't overplay ur cards, don't bluff and don't trap.
      But as concerned of people who knows what they are doing the strategy is a little bit harder :)
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      Thanks for the comments guys I actually had a pretty good day yesterday and early in the morning. I acutely got paid off by some of the idiots when I hit my card and railed them. My graph that I drew up finally had a line going up for the first time in a few days. Ill keep use posted on my progress.