$50 not retracted from pokerstars after 90 days?

    • slamon32
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      Hi, I signed up quite sometime ago (more than 90 days) at Pokerstars and received the $50 start-up. I stopped playing frequently and have only earned 96.46 FPP's but the $50 is still in my account under uncleared deposits, shouldn't it have been retracted?

      It says that I must always leave enough in my account to cover possible returns, if I go under $50 will I owe pokerstrategy.com money?

      A reply and advice would be appreciated.
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    • conall88
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      afaik the $50 is classified as a bonus. you are not responsible for giving money back when a bonus expires.
    • Hadi
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      Hi there,

      you will never owe us money (except for when you lose a bet, but that's an entirely different matter ;) ) - should the $50 for whatever reason be retracted and you don't have sufficient money to cover for it, only the remaining money will be retracted.