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Serious general rakeback questions

    • SilverSag
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 512
      In short, have following situation:

      I opened accounts in PartyPoker, Full Tilt and PokerStars and ONLY AFTER THAT discovered this website. To get my 50$ and, most importantly, the access to strategy information, I have opened (through PS) accounts in Everest Poker and Cake Poker.

      After playing for a few weeks I have following questions:

      1. Why do I feel like I have made a stupid mistake by opening accounts in 3 best and most popular poker rooms? Is there some way of retracking? At least maybe for those poker rooms where I have not deposited any money?

      2. If I missed my opportunity to get rakeback from FTP through PS, does that mean that I will never get rakeback from FTP?

      3. How important is rakeback? At what level of play (hands/month, $/month) it starts to play an important role? I have seen some graphs here and it seems that rakeback brings in a lot of money.

      4. What poker software shows rakebacks in graphs? I have trial version of PT3, but I cannot see that option anywhere...

      5. Do some (or most?) frquent player point systems in poker rooms make up or bring even more rewards than rakeback? Anyone done some comparison?

      Can anyone please answer these questions and maybe give some suggestions as well about what is the best course of action as I intend to play a lot and for a long time.

      p.s. I do have a basic understanding about what rakeback is, so no need to explain that :)
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    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      Hello SilverSag,

      1) Usually the poker rooms to not allow retracking. You still can ask the poker rooms if they do an exception and link you to

      2) This depends on the decision of Full Tilt Poker. Please contact them. Sometimes they allow it.

      3) On micro limits it is much more important to improve your skill so you can move up limits.

      4) Yes you can do that, but first you need to add a statistic for rakeback. If you have imported it you go in PokerTracker 3 to the Graphs tab and configure the show session stats.

      5) It depends on the site. For example on PokerStars you do not receive any rakeback but as a high volume player you will get up to 60% back in vouchers, tournaments tokens or cash.

      If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask,
    • oblitron
      Joined: 22.01.2010 Posts: 238
      1. & 2. Normally, the sites wouldn't allow you create a second account. However, if you've never deposited you can try this: change your personal details in your existing account (just put fictional ones in). Then create a new account with your real details. It just might work, but be warned: the poker sites will let you deposit and play with your money. However, they may find out when you try to withdraw and refuse to pay you then. In my case with one of these 3 sites, they found out when I tried to withdraw and they asked me to close one of the 2 accounts (whichever I wanted) and everything was fine after that.

      3. & 5. It's important on every level. Even if you rake only $30/month it's good to receive $9. For players that rake over $1000/month, the loyalty bonuses may be just as good as the rakeback. For the highest players, the cashback they receive can be as much as 40%, so even better than rakeback. But I prefer rakeback because you get it even if you play very little (with the exception of PokerHeaven and InterPoker where you must rake at least 100 euros / month to get rakeback).

      4. I know Holdem Manager can do it, and PT3 should also be able to do it. Google "show rakeback in pokertracker". ;)
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      I would strongly recommend you do not alter your existing poker accounts or set up second accounts, this is strictly against the poker rooms terms and conditions and they have sophisticated software to deter such things.

      Consequences for doing so can be severe, including life time bans, confiscation of all funds etc. We have already seen cases where this has happened and would strongly urge that you instead speak to their support teams as recommended by Hannesz.

      You only have to search the forum pages for members who have regretted duplicate accounts after the event.

      As long as you are open and honest with the partner poker rooms, they will do whatever they can to help you. They may provide you with rakeback, but are unlikely to retrack your existing account. This is something that we all have to live with unfortunately.

      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shout.

      Best regards,

    • SilverSag
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 512
      Thanks for answers :) I just wrote to FTP, lets see what happens. And I am not going to play any tricks :evil: