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Is it possible to be "good" at certain tournaments?

    • garyk5846
      Joined: 10.07.2010 Posts: 60
      The $4 + .40 135 person rush poker sit and go on full tilt..........A while ago i had about 70 dollars in my banroll. I was keeping within my bankroll playing well, but due to a mixture of tiredness and a downswing, i went down to about 9 dollars. Being on tilt, I bought into two of these tournaments, cashed twice, and got back up to 80.

      I then stuck with my bankroll yet again playing cash games, got up a bit, got down a bit, and after a few bad beats , I also once again nearly lost my bankroll. With only about 20 dollars left, i bought into one of these tournaments once, came 4th and got 55 dollars for my troubles.

      A few days ago my bankroll had climbed to 120 doll, ars (going back to cash games), but after another downswing, i got to about 70 dollars. Annoyed, I started throwing my money away in like 10 dollars tounrmanets etc. and lost another 20. With my last 50 I yet again bought into one of these tournaments and won it. I'm now on about 180 dollars (Which I DEFINITELY do not deserve)....

      I don't need people to criticise my bankroll management, I just need to know the answer.

      Do you think I'm just running particularly good at these particular tournaments? or do you think its possible that my playing style suits these. Currently I've played about 6, cashed in 3, and won one (top 15 paid).

      Also, if I am good at them, do I stick to them? or would i still need about $400 to play them properly????

      Please Help? any reply at all will be welcome.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi gary,

      Yes, it is possible that certain tournaments/variants suit your style of play better than others. The key is to experiment and find which ones suit you best and ofc the ones that you enjoy to play.

      As you will already know, 6 tournaments is an extremely small sample size, you would need around 1,000 (or at least many 100's) to know for certain how you are running in this type of event.

      It sounds to me that you are currently experiencing a "heater", i.e. the opposite of a downswing, where everything goes well and you maybe hit more flips than you lose etc.
      I would still urge extreme caution however, this can so easily turn into a downswing and long periods without a cash is not uncommon for mtt's/mtt sngs.

      A smaller BRM can actually adversely affect your mindset, i.e. thinking mid-game "Oh I must win/cash this one" when you should just be concentrating on playing your A-game.

      We would always recommend a 100xBI minimum BRM for use with mtt/sng mtt's and not less than 50xBI for stt sngs. You only need to read through some of the blogs to see the most skillful of players still experiencing severe runs of bad luck.

      Of course if you have your own additional funds to use should you lose your current BR, then yes you can risk playing with less BI, but the sensible option is to always build up slowly using BRM.
      Have a look around in the tournament/sng lobby, there are bound to be similar tournaments at a varying buyin level.

      Above provided just as advice from experience as a seasoned stt grinder, you can ofc choose whichever route and BRM you like.

      Hope this helps, any questions don't hesitate to shout.


      p.s. On stt's, I've sometimes experienced 14 or 16 tournaments in a row without a cash, fellow stt'ers will tell you this is pretty standard.
      Whilst I only play mtt/sngs occasionally, I think the potential is for a lot higher sequence, but I'm sure fellow members will confirm this.
    • alenstrat
      Joined: 13.03.2009 Posts: 821
      Yes, without a doubt, certain players will be better in certain tourney types then on others. Ie the patient player in a deep/double stack normal speed tourney, the aggressive players probably in turbo and rush.

      It also has to do with the fields of players certain tournaments attract. For some reason some tourneys are way softer then others, doesn't really have to do with the buyin. Depends of the tourney type, field size, time of day, it just seems in some tourneys all the bad players come together. You definitely have to tourney fish till you find where you're best at.