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      Hi everyone.... it's been more than a year that I have been on Pokerstrategy. I learned almost everything about poker through this site. I tried NL Holdem and I just couldn't handle all the beats and coolers and usually went on tilt.

      Result: 50 $ starting capital flew off ---> 0$ in like 1 month

      Then I tried PLO after a long time and I started doing good after having deposited 10$ in PokerStars, i got it up to 45$ in 5 days on PL2, where on average I played 300-400 hands per day. I went up on or two limits and started to be beat due to variance.... you know getting rivered by a 2 outer. I also played bad, I know that for a fact (TILT MODE). It cost me my BR again to learn that Omaha has sick variance and may be very frustrating at times.

      Lately, I restarted playing after having deposited 25$ in PokerStars and I tried PLO Hi/Lo. I am pretty comfortable on NL2 got my BR up to 29 now, in like a week.

      And, with my deposit they gave me a ticket to micromania NLHE 1.10$ tourney, which I cashed for 4.25$. :P

      125th/ 2048 entrants ;)

      Any good advice for a novice in PLO Hi/Lo?

      Thanks in advance.

      I hope I can keep this up and keep my cool and that this thread may become worthy of the "Your Successes" section.
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