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From $50 to $1000. My story

    • wilm
      Joined: 13.07.2006 Posts: 1,583
      It was somewhere around February 2006 that i first discovered the beauty of poker. Eurosport telivised some tournaments back in those days and that made me curious about the game called poker. Soon after this i remember downloading the Everest Poker software and i started playing for play money. Nothing serious thought i had great fun chasing every gutshot straight draw and sucking out with the most impossible hands.

      This all went on for a few months when someone gave me the greatest advice he could ever give me. It was around October that i was chatting on MSN with one off my old Half-Life Deathmatch clanmates with who i still talk with over MSN everyday. He told me he was making some nice profits each year and that it all came from the $5 which he got from a site called This was the first time i realized that it wasn’t only the pro's who made money with this game but that we could also do this. As soon as mr HeckeDE told me that i registered at the site and started reading everything i could get my hands on. I think i read all the articles over 5 times and made all kind of notes so i could remember the most important stuff.

      To point out how serious i was taking this "poker adventure" i also said to myself that i didn’t learn enough yet to do the quiz so i ordered the beginners book "How to win low-limit hold'em by Lee Jones" so i would be 100% prepared for this opportunity that was given to me. It also took me sometime to read and re-read this book and i also visited the local casino in the mean time and watch some live-poker action witch even motivated more to get really good at this. So after a month have passed between registering and reading all the beginner things i started up the quiz. Of course i passed the first time which wasn’t really a surprise for me after all the reading id done.

      As soon as i received my first $50 i starting playing at the beginner 0.05/0.10 tables at Partypoker but soon switched over to the normal tables because the beginner tables seemed very tight to me. It took me sometime to get to the $65 mark (even dropped down to $36 which has been my biggest downswing till today) so i could move up to 0.10/0.20. Also at this level i didn’t had any problems and let me bankroll grow steady to the $90 which allowed me to play at the 0.15/0.30 tables. These tables have been the most troublesome tables i have played and i was glad it didn’t took me long before i cleared the $100 bonus so i could move up again. I knew it aint right to move up a limit when u don’t beat the current but the 0.15/0.30 just didn’t feel right to me. So with around $250 in my pocket i started playing at the 0.25/.50 tables. I’m not sure how many BB/100 i made but i remember i did crush these tables without any troubles at all. It didn’t took me long to get to the 0.5/1 fullring tables (somewhere around January 2006) but i quickly discovered these tables didn’t were juicy enough and i had a hard time finding suitable tables. So back to 0.25/0.50 for me and i planned to get my bankroll up to $550 so i could jump to Short Handed play from there. It took me sometime to reach this but together with some nice reload bonus and blackjackbonushunting i managed to get $550 around the beginning of march and started playing SH 0.5/1. Of course true this course i already read books like winning low-limit holdem, small stakes hold'em, ace on the river, weighting the odds and of course i read all the articles on and posted and discussed my hands that ive played every session. All these things improved my overall play allot but i could not get a steady winrate.

      So when i posted a thread about my pathetic progress at the shorthanded tables mr aciddrop gave me the advice to try out NL SSS and so i did. I started playing NL 50 and it did was fun at the beginning playing 9-12 tables at the same time. To me it seemed a nice game to clear some bonuses so I signed up with Fulltilt using the $600 signup + rakeback bonus. It didn’t took me long before I pumped my bankroll from $550 to the $1000 I am today. But overall the SSS game doesn’t suit me. It gets boring real quick and I cant wait to get back playing SH fixed limit again as soon as I clear this damn bonus :D

      Future plans: The main goal for my first year was to reach the $1000 mark. My new goal for this upcoming year is pumping up my bankroll so I can play the 5/10 fullring game at our local casino over here. Sure its going to take a while before I get my bankroll to that level (around 4k right?) but u got to have goals in life right? Im sure I will get there someday =)

      So thanks to all the people from Pokerstrategy who have helped me become a better player. Special thanks go to…

      Stefan! Where the hell are u nowadays dude? Thx for all the advice u gave me =)
      Blinzler. Same for u…don’t see u hanging at the English forums that much anymore. U teached me a lot about fullring play with your coaching and advice. Thx
      ciRith! Of course the famous ciRith who puts a lot off time in judging my troublesome hands. Also thx a lot dude
      frzlll! Same story…quality comments on my hands. Also puts a lot off time in this. Im coming back real soon with some shitty sample hands dudes :D
      Berliner. Is also judging hands these days. Thx!
      Puschkin for taking Stefan’s place right? Good luck to you and thx for the help.
      Aciddrop! For telling me to try the SSS game. With this I realised fixed limit is truly MY game. Thx

      Sorry for the long-read. Take care and goodluck at the tables!
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