Heads Up, SnG Etiquette ..RE: D/c

    • sabo999
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      OK, Your mid way thorugh a HU SnG, and you and your opponent are releavtively close in chips - your opponents connection goes for 4mins, do you ;

      A.) Wait For your Opponent to Reconnect, because if you win you may get a reamatch

      B.) Steal Enough Blinds to Give you a nice lead but still leave your opponent with a chance

      C.) Steal, Steal, Steal and Hit n' Run Your Opponent for a Buy-In and avoid playing them again

      D.) Discuss Deal, Take $15 (from a $55 SnG) and have a rematch

      BTW - This just happened to me, I wanted a rematch but the B*1tch wudn't play;

      ScreenName : sennd it1 ; I actually thought this was a nice person to begin with! ....So, Anyone with a sister - - - Lend this b1tch a Tampon ????
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