• dragonste
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      I am just askin a general Qs about the level of stakes to start playing mtt, I am currently just playing with about $60 not a lot at all I know but like anyone else looking to build it up, back to the orignal point would it be better for me to start MTT at the $1.10 or wait to build my bankroll an start on the slightly higher ones? For example $4.40.
      I was just thinking about how I keep gettin knocked out, not an extremely bad player, am relatively gd for someone at these levels. A winning player at the tables with 5-6bb/100 on the lower cash games. <<< from about 10,000 hands or so. but still gettin knocked out by random hands at lower levels.

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    • curnow
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      basic brm for MTT's I use is 100 buy-ins , some players use more like 200 bi

      with that bankroll try multi table sng's , like the 45man games on pokerstars , very good way to get used to tourneys , the turbo are bit more lotto but fill up quicker , the standard games I fine better

      there are loads of freerolls around with some very good value & good way to build br