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Another Bad Beat day :<

    • Cyclonic1984
      Joined: 12.07.2010 Posts: 4
      Second day in a row :(

      I got A A flop comes 4 A 9,
      I bet 70% of the pott he calls
      6 comes, I raise again he calls
      4 comes on the board I raise cause i made my fullhouse

      Then he moves allin, im like thinking with can you have there is no flush draw on the board, i cant be he has 2 4's, So i call and he has the 4's dammit i was pissed lol.

      I reraised him preflop also 1 time and then with 4's bah.

      Another A A hand couple hours after.

      FLOP A K K lol im thinking if he has quad kings now im gonna be pissed
      Q comes and another Q he calls me down to the shodown and he shows QQ

      Do these people really always call down everything and get that lucky.

      I need to buy a new mouse cause i kinda tilted and smashed it against the wall :p

      Tomorrow another day i need to cooldown :D
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    • joecar
      Joined: 09.04.2008 Posts: 347
      These type of calls is how we make money. Yes it sucks when your made hands get fished out by garbage, its all part of the game. Just the other day I had AA and got busted by a river K set. 2 hands later same table different player i get AA again and got busted by K set on turn.