Two Queens out of Your Pocket (SSS)

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      Hello guys,
      I recently started using my free bankroll from PS. However I find myself in quite difficult situations from time to time with high pocket cards, such as QQ for example.

      What happens is the following:
      10 handed $0.05/$0.10 NL Holdem - playing the SSS.

      Im am out of possition Early Middle P, with stack $1.80, but I raise to 4 BB coz there are no limpers so far. Everybody fold except for the button (whose stack is $8). He calls.
      Flop comes out - AT2.
      It's my turn again. So in most cases what happens is I C-bet in order to win the pot, but you see....the button calls me. So 1st question is ... am I supposed to go all in on the turn or just check fold?
      If I check on the flop because of the overcard (the Ace), I'll most probably get raised, so this is not the best thing to do.

      I'm really puzzled by these situations as it's quite hard for me to read ppl yet. Other than that I follow the strategy ok, while limping medium hands sometimes, but still, when I flop an overcards I go like :(

      So I'll be waiting for your replies.
      Thanx in advance!

      P.S. Where can I find the Odds/Outs tables ?
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