• DaniBond
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      I play on FullTilt and on the site here it sais for FullTilt "$1 Rake = 2 StrategyPoints"


      on the FullTilt site it sais "For each dollar raked from a pot, every player who was dealt cards for that hand will receive 1 Full Tilt Point."

      ok so, 1$ rake should provide 1 FTP and 2 StrategyPoints right?

      aaand i have 196.84 FTPs and 37.1 StrategyPoints.

      Anybody else find that rather strange?
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    • pogodon
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      maybe you play tournements or SnG u get less ft points i think

      aslo if you referred a friend to pokerstradegy brofre july 31 you get 100 ps points

      maybe wan of these explains
    • DaniBond
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      did not refer any friends and if i did i would have more StrategyPoints than FTPs and its teh other way around

      and i did play an sng or tournement here and there but i play cash games 95% of the time

      should have twice as many Strategy Points as FTPs and i have 200ish FTPs and only 37SPs or did i not understand smtin right? its really wierd
    • HannesZ
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      Hello DaniBond,

      Welcome to and our community!

      You receive for $1 tablerake 1 FTP. However for StrategyPoints we count your rake and not the rake of the whole table.

      So if you play Full Ring where 9 players are dealt in cards, you will receive for 1 FTP = 0.22 SPs. Extra FTPs during happy hour do not count for StrategyPoints.

      Best regards,