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      Ok top be honest the only reason i joined pokerstrategy was for the the free $50 i thought sure ill just gamble this BAM then gone, well i was very ignorant.. i left a post there awhile ago about a bad beat and somebody tells me to read pschology strategy, i watched a short video you have on it and it really makes sense everything the woman said in the video i related to and already after reading one article i feel already i can potentialy improve, i lack a lot for a poker player fundamentaly i lack the BRM :f_cry: ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?(

      but i'm going to stay away from the tables for a bit i'm going to read all the articles i can read and hopefully develop even better.

      also i'm not the kind of person to find a forum good but i must say i really do like this forum sure i get a few cheeky comments from a few people but generaly people take the time to try and give me help and as i was thought many years ago never refuse nothing for nothing i take all comments in to my head and i appreciate them all.

      all in all i would like to thank pokerstrategy this is a great site, you's really hit the nail on the head :) :s_love: :f_love: :s_love: :f_love:
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