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    • PiersM
      Joined: 20.05.2009 Posts: 48
      I've been with pokerstrategy for over a year and didn't even realise this vibrant community forum existed and i only stumbled across it while looking for a tournament on Full Tilt Poker.

      So, Hello, my name is Piers, I live in Scotland at the moment, im really bad at poker because everyone else plays worse than me and always get lucky but im always going broke so they must be doing something right.

      My biggest and earliest sad story was about a month after joining pokerstrategy. I got the 50$ starting fund and was sticking to playing tournament on Full Tilt like the daily dollar to try and build my bankroll. I had a few cash finishes but nothing significant and was generally keeping a steady bankroll of between $35-$65.

      Then came the big win in the daily dollar, i always felt it was achievable to reach the final table as i had been getting progressively better finishes until here i was at the final table.

      i was short stacked but there was no real outright chip leader as such, so decided to sit tight play the big hand when it came and just try and steal the blinds if the oppotunity arose. This plan was working very well and i was holding my own, my stack wasn't increasing greatly but it wasn't decreasing more importantly. I hung around to see 2 players go out leaving seven. For this next hand i was still the short stack but was playing in the cut off with one caller and the rest folding to me i can't remember what my hand was but that's not important, it must have been good because i pushed all in. The blinds folded and the earlier caller called but i doubled up.

      This was very good and i was eyeing a fourth place finish as i had increased my stack to put me in 4th position.

      The very next hand i was dealt kings. Being nieve i immediatley believed the hand was mine but having said that i don't think i would have played it any differently now.

      I cant remember what action there was around to me but it may have been a call, certainly nobody raised, so i pushed all in again, cut off folded, SB shoved all in with a smaller stack and BB to my amazement called and had us both covered, everyone else folded.

      Turned over to reveal, my KK, SB had 22 and BB had QQ. I was feeling very very good at this time and was eyeing a top 3 finish as this win would put me chip leader or close to it.

      But alas this is a sad story and there was no happy ending for me, a queen came on the flop and it was all over. I finished in 7th place which was curious to me as i had beaten the other guy who had pocket 2's and also got knocked out but there was nobody to complain to.

      Anyway it was my first big win of $200 and i've never looked back since. I've had bigger wins and losses since but this one stays with me for some reason.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Piers & welcome to forum,

      Yes we have a vibrant and friendly community here with lots of good humoured banter too. Look forward to seeing you become active too.

      We also have a blog section which I'm sure you will find really interesting, we don't have a great deal of mtt blogs at the moment, but I for one would certainly read yours should you decide to make one in future.

      Congrats on your Daily $ result, a final table from some 30k entries or so is hugely impressive. I've occasionally tried these myself and run good for an hour or too, but the starting time (1am) isn't great for the U.K. so I usually end gettting tired and donking out.

      Wishing you continued success and enjoyment in your poker, look forward to hearing of that next big win in due course ;)

      Best regards,

    • PiersM
      Joined: 20.05.2009 Posts: 48
      Yes it was a very long game, i was finally knocked out at 10 o'clock the following morning having started at 01:15 i was buzzing