Need clarification about SSS SHC

    • SilverSag
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      I would like to ask someone to clarify one quite important detail in SHC. It says:

      "When 2 or more raises were made before you... "

      Say, we gave situation at NL10 table:

      SB - 0.05$
      BB - 0.10$
      UTG - 0.35$
      MP2 - 0.35$

      I am on MP3 with AK. Should I consider these as 2 raises before me and fold or is it considered as only one raise and I should go all-in? Well I know that technically it is only one raise and a call, but MP2 have showed some strength too... well you know what I mean :)

      So far I considered them to be 2 raises and was folding... most of the time. Every time I decided to try my luck and went all-in, I got severely punished, but maybe it was just bad luck and I am losing money in a long run by folding?
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    • lollujo
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      That's just one raise, so you'd be right to go all in with AK there. Only fold AK if there's a raise and a re-raise in front of you. The only exception to this is if it's me raising in front of you, then you should always fold AK and all other strong hands.