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May all your houses be full

    • PiersM
      Joined: 20.05.2009 Posts: 48
      Hello everyone

      Im pretty new to these forums i wasn't aware they existed tbh i posted a little hello to introduce myself in the appropriate forum and i thought i'd do a little blog here about how i got into poker because im bored and so you should be too.

      So first off i'm 45 on the 10th August, live in Scotland and i've always played games since i was a kid, board games, card games, computer games etc. But i always thought of poker as a very aggressive card game compared to euchre which i played alot and so never really got into it.

      The first time i played any poker was about 6 years ago. A few people from work would get together every now and then and just play some friendly £5 tournaments usually 2 or 3 an evening depending how many people were there. So it was never high stakes and more fun orientated. These meets were few and far between though, once evry few months or something.

      However, i had recently joined my local casino as it was the only place in town you could legally drink past 2 o'clock in the morning (we have strange laws in the UK)and got an email from them about an up coming tournament qualifier. It was a £10+£1 freeze out with roughly the top 10 qualifying for the Scotish Masters poker tournament. So i thought i'd give it a go.

      I managed to qualify the first night and the following night was the Tournament proper, this was a re-buy which was something i was not familiar with. Anyway i didn't fair so well, i was in the game for a long time but looking back now i think i just blinded out tbh.

      But i enjoyed it and decided it was time to actually learn something about the game like erm... which hands beat which you know and how much and when to bet cos i was a complete dumb dumb.

      When i googled poker i came across poker strategy, their web site was awesome, i was printing out pages and pages of strategies and lessons and anything i found useful and then stumbled on the $50 starting fund. This was just too good to be true but sure enough i opened an account on Full Tilt in May lasy year and they deposited $50 in there for me and i was away.

      I dont go to the casino or play with workmates much now but i'm online everyday. My bankroll is up and down all the time and at the moment i have $0.00, so im very keen on Chris Ferguson's rags to riches poker experiment as im trying that myself now. I did manage to get my BR up to $2000+ in a very short time last year but then lost it all. I might post and tell you how another time but for now thats me.

      Good luck see you in the freerolls.
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