Partypoker + HUD = FAIL! :(

    • vonki
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      Yea, Partypoker hasnt liked to show me any HUD since I installed it. At first, it showed me HUD on some tables, but not all. I noticed it wont show any hud on turbo/shallow tables but on normal ones, but not all.

      It would randomly not work... Trying to "find" the missing tables didnt work either, as the red dot wouldnt stick on the table.

      Now, after backpacking for 4 weeks and a update of the software on Partypoker, it won't show me any HUD at all. It says "import error".

      The hud works fine on other sites, it works without trouble on full tilt for 7 months so I doubt there is something wrong with HEM?

      Any help would be highly apprechiated as I don't like playing without a HUD.

      Kind regards,
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