Hi all

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Anton,

      Yes, it's all legit, PokerStrategy invest in your poker and education and provide you will lots of additional added value events.

      Take your time to browse the site, there are lots of strategy material, media, free live coaching sessions etc that you can make full use of.

      As you climb the status ladder, more and more material becomes available to you.

      Good to see you join our awesome community, good luck and enjoy your poker.

      Best regards,

    • pogodon
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      yess :D welcome !

      this site is great be sure to read the articles they'll fill the caps to becoming a player, and dont blow the starting capital stick to the bankroll management you'll do fine :)

      good luck on the tables :)
    • cjchalmers
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      this site freekin rules man .. i have been playing with my fiddy for a couple of hours and now have 115 out of nowhere ... i almost can't believe it myself ..

      best of luck to you and raise dat game :spade: :s_cool: :spade:

      and welcome from a fellow newbie!
    • tamarjava
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      Pokerstrategy is the best of all promo sites. thank U