FT store

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    • jecis4
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      If you have FT tracked don't buy nothing from the shop untill you stop playing there or they will take the price of your RB i think.
    • Tampaloeres81
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      You only pay 27% of the item from the shop. Since they substract the item from your rake before RB. So it does affects your RB.

    • ladman
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      ive not played their this week so no rake so no rakeback it would be ok to buy now no?
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      I believe that the spent points etc. reset and therefore don't affect your rakeback every few months, but there isn't really any accurate information about that. Not playing for 1 week won't help... It basically means that if you buy a $10 tournament ticket, it costs you $2.7 which is not that bad. Getting a monitor for $50 isn't bad either. You have to of course decide if you need the item or not, in general i would just refrain from spending any points until you have a lot of them and really ned something. Of course you can spend the points, cash out and come back in a few months, that way you should get the item free, loophole :) .

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