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Passive blind defense in SNG

    • alenstrat
      Joined: 13.03.2009 Posts: 821
      Does anyone use it? In particular I'd like to know opinions of using it relatively deep into a SNG (ie around 8-15bb left) so I'm talking about 3 or 4 handed.

      I pretty much discount any SNG player with a good hu game at the end of SNG uses it if the blinds are still relatively low when hu arrives and villain is raising small a lot.

      I just recently reconcentrated on SNG after concentrating on cash for a number of months, and brought over with me some concepts which I don't see widely used in SNG.

      Seems like so many SNGers have that push/fold mindset or raise/didn't hit/don't invest more chips/fold mindset that :
      1) they don't defend their blinds as best as they could in particular vs. aggresive villains, since they only think of shoving or folding
      2) villain with Qx Kx or Ax trash will have a similar fold/didn't hit/he bet/I'm outta here mindset as described above

      I've been playing some select cases quite successfully up to now. Ie when bu or sb idiot min raises to try to get a "cheap" steal, Ie if I'm holding something very playable like suited connectors I'm inclined to call, even when we're in early "push or fold" phase. I think one can get as much of an advantage playing these stealers post flop as you can outplaying them ICMwise, why waste a spot where you might have an edge? Or is this violating some type of holy grail on SNGing? Ie don't waste chips in late phase, only push or fold?
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    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      I haven't used such a defence a lot, unless I am a relatively small stack and the villain checks his small blind and checks to me. What I tend to do most of the time, is shove any two cards when the villain completes his big blind, and shove on their minraises if I have seen that particular player to fold in that spot. With suited connectors and especially when the gain to my stack would be more significant, I'd shove over any opponent, unknown, or not.