I have been playing on bet365 for about 3 months and really struggled with multi-tabling!

Bet365 have had (and may still do) some connection problems so I switched to Full Tilt and discovered Rush poker!

If you haven't played - the basic premise is that as soon as you fold a hand you are moved to another table with another hand - so in a hour you can easily play 300 hands (full ring) as opposed to 60 on a normal platform.

It was fast and furious and as such I found it much easier (and advisable) to stick to the pokerstrategy advice: tight and aggressive; sticking to starting hand chart; avoiding playing OOP; Cbetting; stealing and restealing blinds.

After a while I found I could play 2 and then 3 tables (1000 hands per hour) - playing this way meant that I had no read on my opponents, but neither did they - so I was able to tighten my range and still get paid out on my premium hands.

In the past few days I have returned to bet365 and it seems so slow in comparison that I now find it easy to multi-table and although the sample is way to small to make a judgement - it appears (from my ROI) that my play is much better.