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      Hey my friends! i am a noob pokerplayer, who is looking for a help. So, the first thing i want to say, is that im veeeery happy being here! this site rocks! i've never writen in these forums, but now i want to start! :D SO! im playing SnGs of 1$ at stars and 2$ at FTP, if anyone plays them toooooo, let me know. Also, as you can see, my english is not perfect, so i want YOU!!! to help me with that either(ofcourse not as a teacher, just chat or whatever :D ).
      1. I want to find any pokerplayer who would like to share his knowledge about poker(i think you must know that i know something about poker, ive read all articles and watched almost all videos from :) so dont be afraid and dont think im an absolute loooooser! no im not :D im playing poker for 3 years, but strategic poker i play for few months and i think im not progresing, so i want to improve something)
      2. i want to practise my english, to feel more comfortable in my life :D
      3. i want to improve my poker, to get profit by not standing at the same bankroll :)
      4. maybe i can find new friends from other countries(BTW im lithuanian, 21 years old)
      I hoooope you wil respond to this loooong message and we will have a really great time together!!!

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