Recording software

    • THESHade
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      I d liek to know if there is a recording program that I can use to record my whole seassion and cut out my Nickname on the given site or the nickname of everyone sitting on the tables?

      I dont think there is a big chance that there is such a program but whatever.
      Also if someone knows how to do it without poker porgramm let me know.
      I was thinking like I could jsut record my desktop (so I will record my seassion that way) and later on record my audio and cut out places where nicks are being showed or smth like that

      I dont want some HH replayer cause I want to record all X number of tables I am playing at the same time because if I jsut add a HH into HH replayer it will show me hand by hand even on the different tables so thats not what I am looking for
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